We are a research team dedicated to improving the well-being of disadvantaged migrants and refugees. By creating a platform to bring together researchers, policy makers, NGOs, and other stakeholders involved in migration and refugee-related issues, we aim at shedding light on a global issue with multidimensional aspects and suggesting knowledge-based suggestions and policies. The platform puts together the efforts of several stakeholders with different perspectives to facilitate a better understanding of forced migrants and refugees. In particular, our mission is to enhance the well-being of migrants and refugees and to facilitate their integration into their host communities.


    The research team belongs to different disciplines with a solid research background that involves entrepreneurship, management, and strategy development. The complex and multidimensional nature of forced migration requires a stronger collaboration between different fields and perspectives. In this vein, this platform is a starting point to encourage efforts seeking best practices toward the social and economic inclusion of refugees and forced migrants into their host communities.

  • About Project Team

    Assoc. Prof. Gurel Cetin

    Istanbul University

    Gurel Cetin is an Associate Professor in the Tourism Management Department at Istanbul University (gurelc@istanbul.edu.tr). His research interests include tourist experience, destination management, hospitality technologies, and refugee entrepreneurship.

    Prof. Dr. Levent Altinay

    Oxford Brookes University

    Levent Altinay is a Professor in the Oxford Brookes Business School at Oxford Brookes University (laltinay@brookes.ac.uk). His research interests include entrepreneurship, strategy and tourism management.


    Dr. Zaid Alrawadieh

    Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa

    Zaid Alrawadieh lectures in the Vocational School of Social Sciences at Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa (zaid.alrawadieh@istanbul.edu.tr). His research interests include entrepreneurship in tourism and hospıtality, customer complaining behavior, and tourist behavior.

    Dr. Ibrahim Cifci

    Istanbul University

    Ibrahim Cifci lectures in the Department of Tourism Management at Istanbul University (ibrahim.cifci@istanbul.edu.tr). His research interests include gastronomy tourism, molecular gastronomy, tourist behavior, and sustainable tourism.